A lot of times i get asked questions I am afraid to say, kind of annoy me. When are you going to be ready? Why Are you late? Who is that girl? Why aren’t you wearing pants? But the question that I seem to hear most often is this. “Should I be doing heavy weights? I don’t want to bulk up.” This question, in itself, is enough to make me slap someone in the back of the head. Usually, this question is asked by women, who obviously have been misinformed about the nature of lifting weights. I want to let everyone in on a little secret. You gotta work a lot harder than most of the people who ask this question, are willing to work, to “bulk up”. Let’s say, I am taking on a woman, who is about 25% bodyfat, who doesn’t want to “bulk up”. She wants to stick with her 3 and 5 pound dumbells, which is fine, if you are doing wrist curls. Do you expect your body to change at all, if you are lifting the same amount of weight, for every exercise? I do actually. What will happen is, you’ll push your weak muscles, and your small muscles with those tiny weights, but the bigger muscle groups, this will have no effect on, so you will develop LOTS of muscle imbalances. Does it make sense for your tiny little tricep to be as strong as your shoulders? NO! so why would you lift the same weights for them? Every woman who is under this misguided belief needs to realize this one fact. How heavy is a child? Even a newborn is heavier than 5 pounds right? Wouldn’t it make sense to be strong enough to lift a 20 pound kid, multiple times? If not, just stop reading this. But if it does, I’ll continue. A woman’s muscles, even if she is small in stature, are not going to explode like some men’s muscles do, without the help of some illegal substances. I love the girls who say I put on muscle really easily. No you don’t. You put on weight really easily when you aren’t paying attention to what you do. If you are doing squats with a 5 pound dumbell, you aren’t going to put on muscle really easily. In my opinion, that would be called a warm up. Very few people are taxing their muscles with enough intensity to break them down at that weight, so they aren’t going to grow anyway. Bottom line. Prepare yourself for real life. Real life is not all about 3 and 5 pound weights. Real life is about 10 pound bags of groceries, 20 pound kids, and 30 pound moving boxes. Do the math, and let me know how all that works out for you. Today’s blog was kind of a rant, and I apologize for that. But it is what it is. Until next week my friends.