Ok. So I have a youtube video up on my page about the Shake Weight. Now, I guess I wasn’t totally clear on my views on this piece of “exercise equipment”. I guess some could watch this video, and think, “hey, this guy is in shape, this dumbell thing is making him talk funny, and he’s sweating. So it must be effective right?” That was not my intention at all. The whole video, was a sarcastic take on all the exercise gimmicks you see on tv. This is the problem with society and the way companies dupe people into buying their products. Now I don’t doubt that the shake weight serves some purpose in the fitness world. Actually, using it, I got a pretty good pump in my muscles. But using solely this device, you wouldn’t get very far in your weight loss or other fitness goals for that matter. You see the people on the commercials, all buff, and lean and stuff, but the harsh reality is that for those people, the first time they try that product is probably the day of shooting that commercial. These products can serve useful in CONJUNCTION with other exercise routines. If you used the shake weight, and that brazillian butt thing, and p90x, then maybe, you would have something. But what I was trying to get across is that it’s ludicrous to think that you could actually do JUST that, and have some crazy ripped body. Sorry for the confusion everybody. If you want to check out the video, just go here.