This is not a ruse. This is a secret that people who are in shape use that you probably don’t on a daily basis. I’m going to show you a picture. Here:

Eating Healthy

This is Kellie Pelli and Keats. Notice something about them? They are two of 8 people in the world that have passed a Fitness Testing Protocol called FitRanx at the highest Level, 8. That means they are in better shape than you. Want to know something else about them? They log their food every day. Kellie Pelli told me the other day she has consecutively logged her food on MyFitnessPal for the last 368 days straight. Does it look like she needs to log her food, or does it look like she’s pretty much got it under control? Obviously the latter, so why does she log her food?

Well, first off, it keeps her accountable. If you log food, you are more apt to pay attention to what you are eating. You have an idea of how much you’ve been eating, and if it coincides with your goals.

Second, you are less likely to eat crap food if you are logging. No one wants to track the fact that they just ate a tub of ice cream, 3 double cheeseburgers, a large fry, 2 chicken burritos, ho-hos and sour cream and onion ‘tato skins. It actually helps deter bad food choices.

Finally, it develops habit. It’s just part of Kellie Pelli and Keats’ life now. It keeps you on your game, makes a routine of something positive, and lets you know if something isn’t working. It allows you to fix mistakes that you observe and modify to make improvements.

The reason you probably aren’t doing it, you probably already know. Maybe you are ashamed of your food habits, maybe you don’t want to take the time to do it, or maybe you don’t think you need to. I mean, you aren’t trying to get on their level, right? You are just trying to lose a little weight, get a little better tone, etc. Want to know how you are going to do that? Develop habits that successful people have. This is one of them.