When I start someone’s training program, I usually will give them homework with foam rolling exercises or small band techniques or even movement pattern exercises. These little bits of homework take less than 10 minutes to do a day, and help with a problem my new clients have come to me for in the first place, whether it be back pain, a bad shoulder, no core strength, knee issues, etc.

The reason I’m telling you this. That homework that you are doing or NOT doing is going to be very representative of what you get out of your routine. The homework allows your body to become “smarter” in a sense and have a better understanding of optimal movement.

I have to do this myself in my current situation. I had the strongest tendon in the body decide to explode. Now, I could go to physical therapy 2-3 times a week, and have insanely slow progress, and probably stagnation at some point, and blame my therapist. But she gave me homework. If I don’t do my exercises at home, I probably shouldn’t be blaming my therapist. She told me to do the exercises.

Ultimately, what I’m saying is that you are directly responsible for the results you attain or do not attain. It’s a harsh truth that not everybody is willing to accept, especially when they can so easily place blame on anything but themselves:)

Take the 10 minutes a day. It’ll pay off before you know it.

Which makes me come to this point. Go read Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It’s short and amazing at explaining this in a multitude of ways.

Either you are doing a bunch of little things to take you towards something positive, or you are doing a bunch of little things to take you somewhere unpleasant. Choice is yours, brah!LikeShow more reactionsComment