I was on my way back to Las Vegas from LA for the TRX certification on Sunday. I stopped at a 7 Eleven to get some gas, and a guy at another pump sees my personal training logo on the back of my car. Of course he decides to strike up a conversation, asks me how much I charge, gasps when i tell him, you know, the usual. Then he goes on and asks me one question I will possibly never understand why people ask. He says, “How do I get rid of this?”, and then rubs his stomach. Now, I am a pretty good judge when it comes to people and their workout routines, and I could tell he didn’t have much of one. So, if that is the case, why is he asking me this question. But I go ahead and ask him a few things back. One, “What are you doing currently to help you get rid of that?” Two, “What are you eating?” Both questions get answered with something I expect. The first one he says he tries to work out, but doesn’t have time to work out all the time, and the second one, he says it’s hard to eat healthy, and takes too long. Well, of course he’s got a belly. I don’t call these jusifiable reasons, they are definitely excuses. The guy KNOWS what to do, just isn’t doing them. He is putting these crutches out there so he can stand on them when he asks himself why he isn’t in shape. He doesn’t have broken legs, so why use the crutches? He doesn’t want to come to the conclusion that the reason he hasn’t lost his belly fat is because of himself. This is the main point I am trying to make. Most people know the right things to do, they just don’t do them, because it’s easier not to, or it tastes better to do the wrong things. I have a feeling, if I ask 10 people which is a better choice, to work out for only 10 minutes a day, or to not work out at all, I am pretty sure 10 of those people would choose working out 10 minutes a day. Also, if I asked the same people, which is a healthier option, cottage cheese, or macaroni and cheese, I bet 9 of those people say cottage cheese. The 10th person, would probably just say macaroni and cheese to be a smart ass. Anyway. This is my point. EVERYONE has a general idea of what are the right directions to go. No one needs a personal trainer for that. So go in those right directions to start, give it some time, a few months, and see where it takes you. I bet you lose 5 pounds without even thinking.