In the fitness game, you have a responsibility. I have a responsibility, as a personal trainer in Las Vegas, to help, to the best of my knowledge, to get my clients, and the community in the best possible health and wellness they can be in. YOUR responsibility, to yourself, is to use the knowledge, you have gained over the years, and have learned from your various personal trainers, exercise friends, and the like, to get yourself in the best shape you possibly can. It all goes for naught when you don’t apply the words that we have spread, to help you reach your goals. If we tell you you need more fruits and vegetables in your life, there is probably a reason for that. If we tell you that you need to up your exercise on your off days, there is probably a reason for that. If you don’t apply our recommendations and advice, what are we giving it to you for? Of course I expect the people who PAY me, to follow my advice to a “t”, but for those of you, who ask the questions, and get the answers free of charge, we feel almost disrespected, when we take our own time, to help you out, and you basically laugh in our faces when you don’t take the advice to heart. Just my honest opinion. We do what we do to help people, bottom line. And we can only appreciate when people trust us enough to inject our knowledge into their own lives. You have a responsibility in fitness, and what you choose to do with it, will ultimately determine whether you reach your goals or not. Thank you.