Take a minute right now to think about your workouts.  Did you qualify yourself to be able to do those workouts or did you just kinda go in and start?  If it’s the latter, how do you know you are capable of doing the workouts up to par?  How do you know the things you are doing aren’t HURTING your progress and goals? 

This is one of the reasons an assessment before you get going is a great idea.  Usually an assessment will give you an idea on what you should be working on, not just what you want to work on.  Sometimes what we want to do needs to be prefaced with what we SHOULD be doing first. 

Say you have Single Leg Deadlifts in a workout, but you SUCK at standing on one leg.  Should you be adding weight to a movement that you can’t do very well? You could say the same with Squats, pressing overhead, and lifting. If any of those have pain, show patterns that contribute to pain when you do them, should you be doing those things, or starting a foundation that can build security in those movements through stability, balance, flexibility and proper mechanics?

Don’t skip ahead. It’s easy enough to do with exercise because we think we all just can “go”. We don’t consider that we may not be ready for that particular type of exercise with the way our joint health is, our ligaments, our heart, etc. We don’t consider our deconditioned states other than being “out of shape”. We look at that simply as we need to get some cardio in, but your tissues need movement to function properly and the only way that happens is if you diligently condition them.

A simple way to think about it… increase the movement competency in your body, then increase resistance within those movements. Foundations matter.