I just ordered a Bodywrench last week. I ordered it two day shipping, and was SO excited to get it, because I had tried it in Dr. Shelly O’Connor’s office that same day, and it had taken my knee pain away. It’s now one whole week later, and I’m sitting here Bodywrench-less. Why, do you ask? Well, it seems as if even though I ordered it online, and you would think a two day shipping label would be printed out automatically, they printed out a regular ground shipping label, and I will not have this tool until the 24th, a whole eleven days, not two days after I ordered it. Of course I called customer service, and instead of them just shipping me out a new one with two day shipping, they basically said it’s unfortunate that they have screwed me over, and they’ll refund the two day shipping and I’ll get it on the 24th. Anyway, not exactly the way I would expect customer service to react. I’m making a long story short, but the customer service of this place was horrible. I was looking forward to this pretty interesting muscle recovery tool, but now will have a tarnished experience with it, once it finally does come. It’s much more specified than even my Rumble Roller, hitting really crazy trigger points, and I’m sure I’ll use it, but it will come with a little disdain from now on.