This shocks you, me saying quick fixes work, I know.  But I have to admit, they do.  All the time I’m saying you have to be consistent and patient and dedicated, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve been keeping some dirty secrets.

There ARE some things you can do that can pretty much immediately have results.   I’m kind of a punk for not admitting this sooner, and for that, I apologize. I’ll give you three of those quick fixes right now, to make up for my omissions.

1. If You Want More Energy

I think this is something we ALL strive to have, and in general, we think we should resort to caffeine and Energy drinks. I have fallen victim to that as well. Something better that you can do right now is go to bed an hour earlier than normal. You’ll notice less than 24 hours later, you have more energy than normal.

2. If You Want To Get Stronger

I have two quick fixes for you. The first one does not involve any performance enhancing drugs…either does the second, for that matter. It also doesn’t involve ANY supplements! Both are actually free! Telhe first one is to perform a proper warm up with activation of the muscles you are going to be working. Science has said that a dynamic warm up can actually increase power output in the SAME workout. Take 10 minutes for more gains! The second one is relatively new. If you have sweaty palms, blow on them. Cooling your palms has ALSO been shown to increase the ability of the body to produce more force. By cooling the body’s temp when it gets too hot, you recover faster and can do more.

3. If You Want To Lose Weight

This is the mecca of quick fixes right here. It’s what most people want, and it couldn’t be any simpler. It may allow you to see results in as little as a few days. Sounds crazy, but this one works really well. Drinking more water is possibly the number one way to lose weight. Whenever you are hungry, grab some water first. If you love soda, have a glass of water first. Just This tip allowed one of my clients to lose 9 pounds in the first week of her working with me. If your are drinking water, everything moves well, and your body functions better. Ever been really out of breath or thirsty or hot? What can water do in those situations, too?

I know these aren’t the quick fixes you were looking for, but these quick fixes are more effective than others we’ve all read about and dipped our toes into. Why would we not do these when they are guaranteed to work? Give them a try and let me know how they go for you!