There are no shortcuts. Everyone wants to be skinny, thin, fit, ripped, muscular, or some other version of the aforementioned words. Problem is, everyone wants to get there in as little amount of time as possible. Let’s pretend you want to go to your friends house from your house. How would you get there? Probably get in your car, and drive on the city streets, or walk, or ride a bike, or some other mode of transportation. If you looked at a map, the shortest distance between your house and your friends, is not the distance you traveled to get there. It’s more than likely a straight line. Problem is, if you drove through that straight line, you’d probably hit other houses, buildings, run off road more than a couple times, and do a lot of damage on the way there. You might get there, but at what cost? it’s the same thing with your health. If you want to be “fit”, you have to do the right things, and go in the right direction. The latest Body by WHOEVER, or Herbal this, and Ketone that, and the latest weight loss drug like HCG are telling you those are the right ways, and you can get there pretty much instantly. You have to realize that the shortcuts you take, probably have some sort of effect on you, that you aren’t thinking about, but will have to deal with afterwards. You’ll have to deal with wreckage, like internal digestion problems, injury, and weight GAIN. Yeah, sound promising? Well, here are a few thoughts I have on what it takes for people to succeed when it comes down to it. 1. You have to work out, even when you feel like sitting on the couch and watching TV. No one ever succeeds without work ethic. 2. You have to eat the right things, without justifying the wrong things you are eating. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me that they ate something bad, because it was the only thing available. That’s nobody’s fault but their own. If you prepare, that can never happen. You have to be immune to peer pressure and remember what your goals are. 3. You have to do workouts that challenge you, not that you are used to. And when you do those workouts, actually TRY. There are people that go to the gym every day, and see no results. That’s because just going to the gym isn’t going to get them results. Working past your threshold will. If you leave the gym, with the same feeling you had coming in, you aren’t doing much for your overall goals. 4. No more excuses… Period. Everyone wants to change. That’s why gyms are in business. If this was a niche thing, it would be a niche market, but it’s not. how many gyms are there in your town? how many infomercials are there for workouts or losing weight, or freeing yourself from back pain? EVERYONE wants to change. The people who don’t, make excuses. It’s as simple as that. Do what you KNOW you need to do, ALL THE TIME. No Days Off. For you to change your body, you’ll have to change your life. For some of you, that will be hard to hear. But for all of us, that is reality. Not saying that this is impossible for anyone, because it’s not. Everyone has circumstances, you just have to learn how to schedule your circumstances in with a healthy life. Got kids? Work out with them. Your kids can go for a walk with you, do jumping jacks, help you with mountain climbers, etc. If your kids are too young for that, then put them in a stroller and take them for a jog. Hills are even better. That’s it. Follow those four things, keep them at the top of mind, and you’ll succeed. If you need guidance, there are plenty of qualified professionals in your area that can help. I’d love to see the world finally care about their health, and quit making excuses for our general NOT well being.