This isn’t our normal blog post.  This one is for the members at what used to be called Tony Cress Personal Training.  That no longer exists, as of right now.  What is in limbo, what we are waiting for, is the opening of TONY CRESS TRAINING CENTER.  It’s going to be bigger.  We are going to have more activities, and we are going to be doing more fun stuff to get you moving and being better.  That’s what we do.  Anyway, right now what we are waiting on is this insanely slow build out for a relatively small amount of work.  We want walls, some bathrooms, and a floor.  I didn’t think it was that difficult for contractors to get that done, but I don’t know anything about construction.  Anyway, we are in the final stages of that, and now… we wait.  This week we’ll be having some free group workouts outside at the park, and hopefully those will be finished by Saturday.  Hopefully.  The plan is to get our inspection at the latest on Monday, but I’m sure those plans could change.  Let’s hope for the best.  This has been quite an interesting transition, to say the least.

Anyway, come on out to the park.  It’s fun.  We play Head’s Up and run around.  Climb trees and jump around on swingsets and park benches.