Personal Trainer here. I live in Las Vegas, about 2 hours from St. George, Utah. I have lived here for over five years now, and never knew this little city was that close. I am so happy I do now. I went to a fitness and wellness spa, in St. George, over the weekend, and it was one of the most enjoyable times I have had since I have been in Las Vegas. The place, called, Red Mountain Spa ,was it’s own, very tiny community about 15 minutes into the city. Stayed in a great villa apartment, complete with a pebble strewn shower. Meaning, the shower floor was made up of basically a bed of river rocks. Felt like every time I moved, I was massaging my feet. This place was just truly amazing. I was there for two days, and basically they have a schedule set up for you, if you choose to follow it. There are fitness classes, workouts, nutrition talks, guided hikes, and meditations throughout the day. I chose to listen to their talk about the Red Mountain Detox Program, and went to a class about sports conditioning, where I actually met two sisters from my hometown. Small world I tell you. Anyway. the whole day is planned out for you, food is included, and they have TONS of healthy options. I just feel refreshed after going to this place. The people were amazing as well. Everyone was so nice, and willing to help you with anything you needed. You had use of their fitness center, spa services, and steam room too. This would be a great mini-vacation for anyone living in Las Vegas. Seems pricey at first, but when you factor in the activities and food included, it’s very affordable. Check it out. I think I may go back just to refresh, and get my health back in order in a few months.