You don’t want a six pack. I know you don’t. For those of you in Las Vegas, and well, I guess most places, if I asked you if you wanted ripped abs, you would probably say, “Of course I do!” To be honest, if you don’t already have ripped abs, you are lying to me, and you are lying to yourself. The problem is, your mouth says yes, but your actions say you don’t care. I get so many people who say they are doing their best, but their best involves drinking on the weekends, eating out 3 or 4 times a week, and doing half assed workouts. To be honest, if that’s your best, you will be lucky to have anything in that cooler of yours we call a stomach. When you are trying to get shredded, or just a little bit of muscle tone, it takes a little dedication. it’s not 30 minutes on the elliptical, some bicep curls, the ab machine and bench press. It’s plyometric workouts, interval training, sweating your tail off and eating food for fuel, rather than taste. Yes, you can get both accomplished, but when you really want to see results, those nights out, the random drinks at the bar, skipping the gym when you should be going, Taco Bell, ranch dressing, gummy worms, and a host of other things, have to stop. It’s a little time commitment, but if you say for the next three months, I’m going to work harder than I’ve ever worked, you’ll get results. I don’t think most people truly, honestly think it comes easy, I just think they don’t have the dedication to do what is necessary. It’s work. You will actually have to have some drive to reach your goal. You’ll have to sacrifice some things. It’s not like your life is over. You go to work every day right? Do you mess around at work? Consider this a 3 month job. Don’t mess around, and you’ll get that raise in the form of a better body.