I have disliked yoga forever. I know it’s good for me. It cleanses your soul. Makes you more whole. Helps you meditate. Brings me closer to Tyrone, my dog. Last but not least, makes me flexible. For some reason, I can’t connect with any of them except that last one. I just don’t get it. I know it’s supposed to be this mind body altering experience, but I just don’t connect like that I guess. I’m in a constant battle with it, like one day, I’ll finally get that last part of class where you just lay there, and think about… nothing. I generally end up staring at the ceiling, then around the room, then faking like I’ve had my eyes closed the whole time when the teacher comes around. I just don’t have it. Well, I’ve been going to this class where there is a live singer in class, so I suck it up for an hour, but I’m trying to ramp up my attendance to twice a week for the new year. I’ll keep updating you on my progress as time passes, but I am attempting to do something I am not good at. I’ve improved my flexibility a ton since I’ve started, as for the other benefits, that remains to be seen. I’ve even got a cool yoga pose picture to prove it! Namaste!