Just because you aren’t an athlete doesn’t mean you aren’t putting wear and tear on your body. 

Your inactivity in some cases my be MORE detrimental to you than you realize.  You are patterning your body into positions that really cripple your ability to move, create muscular imbalances that can cause low back pain, knee problems, shoulder issues, stiff necks and on and on.

The LACK of movement can contribute to the loss of ability as much as doing too much. 

People who are unhealthy usually not only have nutrition issues, but more than likely have movement issues as well.  The equation is generally wrong.  Either too much or not enough, in combination with their nutrition habits, recovery strategies and leisure time, something is out of whack.

If you don’t move ENOUGH, your body will not be ready to move when it NEEDS to.  Slipping on ice, playing in a softball game, hiking, wrestling with your kids, reaching into your backseat.  If you aren’t doing the right things or ENOUGH things, you’ll pay for it somewhere.

This is my plea to you.

Take an assessment of your movement.  Is it enough?   Some health agencies say 150 minutes of dedicated, moderate exercise a week is appropriate.  Are you doing that?

Figuring that out may be the start.