Wow. Sitting at the airport today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and I need to detox. I went home for an American Storm show, and let’s say my town treated me well. Anyway, today is going to be a short one, because I think my flight leaves in ten minutes. One of the guys in the show asked me about motivation for workouts. He says he always has problems at the gym staying motivated to do that last set, or to push a little bit more weight, or even to just work out. So what can be done about this? Personally, I fall victim to this from time to time, and I look in the mirror, and look at old pictures to stay on top of my game. if i don’t look like I did in the pictures, that’s motivation enough for me. Some people need music to motivate them. Sometimes it’s an atmosphere thing. If you don’t like where you are working out, try a different gym a couple days. That might be all it takes to jumpstart you back up. Or maybe it’s a new workout program that will excite you again. Go buy new workout clothes. Ask a friend to come work out with you. Maybe take a few days off, and see what happens. You might start itching to get a good workout in. Whatever it is for you, find it. The slightest changes you make, could make all the difference in your bodies. Good luck, and if you have any more options, let me know!