Good job Live with Kelly. You featured a piece of exercise equipment that isn’t just a trend. It’s trendy yes, and fast becoming a buzz word among novel fitness people, but in my opinion, it also works. TRX Suspension Training is one of my favorite workouts known to man, and for it to finally become one of the new it items among the commercial word, I think is only a good thing. I didn’t get to see the actual segment, just heard that it was on there. But, I am hoping that they showed the ridiculous versatility of the very small piece of equipment. Their website used to be called Fitness Anywhere, which was really fitting, because, you could do this workout literally anywhere (I think I did it in my fridge once while I had too much eggnog). But I just wanted to say good job on finally recognizing something that actually is a real, useful, functioning piece of fitness equipment. This isn’t a trend, and should be here to stay. Coming from a personal trainer with 15 years of experience, and a lot of infomercial watching, I can say that. And oh yeah, people in Las Vegas, should probably check out one of my classes. I’ll show you what I mean.