Lifting weights is for girls. Let’s face it. It’s for guys too, of course. But there are people out there, especially women, who think they shouldn’t lift weights, because they don’t want to get too bulky, or they don’t know how to lift, or they are allergic to metals. None of which are reasons to deny the beast. I would say, unless you are extremely blessed, and in the top 1% of the world, if you lift weights correctly, and don’t take steroids, you aren’t going to get bulky muscles. That bulk, that you THINK you’ll gain, is actually still your fat. Lose the remaining fat, and those “muscles” that were formerly “bulky”, are now, beautiful. If you don’t know how to lift weights, there are people like me, personal trainers, and other fitness professionals that would be very eager to teach you the fundamentals for a very low fee that will prove more valuable than limited edition Pokemon cards. And finally, if you are allergic to metals, they make rubber weights, there are sandbags, tires you can flip, water weights, ropes, and all kinds of other tools that have nothing to do with iron. I’m not going to leave the men out of this either. When you are trying to get ripped up, don’t sit on a treadmill for two hours, go lift weights, and MOVE. Don’t stop. Get it. Get it. Think of it as high intensity interval training. Move from one exercise to the next, keeping that heart rate high. Not only will you not lose muscle, but you’ll tell your body fat to take a hike. These should be reasons enough for both men and women. So, yeah. Lifting weights IS for girls.