Las Vegas is the real city that never sleeps. With casino lights shining 24 hours out of the day, even after my koahpersonal training sessions, I can’t believe I can get to sleep. This raises a koah question to me that some people don’t really know the answer to, or are maybe too impatient to realize. Do you, or your clients get enough rest between workouts? I happen to know some people who work out 6-7 days a week, and do cardio every day. I am not one of those people. I tend to work out about 3-4 times a week, which i think helps with my strength gains. i don’t work out until i am totally recovered and feel great about my energy levels. Some people think that if they go a day without working out, that they are losing precious time that they need to reach their weight loss goals. The problem with this is, is that most of the time, people’s fitness levels have not returned to 100% by the next day. Even when you aren’t working the same muscle groups, you still need time to recover. Let’s say for example, you do back one day. You do pull ups, and rows and deadlifts etc. you think you should do chest the next day? I believe you shouldn’t. While you are doing all those pulling movements, your pushing muscles are the ones holding everything back in place on the return motion. So your pushing muscles are taxed as well, even though you didn’t realize you were using them. You dig what I’m sayin yet? Basically your muslces grow and get stronger during the recovery, not during the actual work out. This is why sleep, and proper nutrition, and just plain rest is necessary. Personally, I have seen my most gains over the last few years, where i have become patient, and decided even though I love the gym, i can go two days without lifting a weight. I get better , i have more energy, and I think that my muscles look pretty cute too! Anyway, try it out. Cut back on your workout days, and up the intensity of them. Instead of 5 days a week, go 3 or 4, but try and get as much out of them as you did in 5. Give it a month. See how you feel. Til next week. Happy Thanksgiving. And Happy Birthday this coming week Mom.