Do you have a personal trainer? If not, Las Vegas has some great ones. Look into it. But seriously guys, the reason I am writing this post, is to debunk a myth or two today. I hear a lot of people saying this or that is the reason they can’t work out, or get in shape, and they can’t look like this, or this. (thanks Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel) The question I pose, is, why not? How do you think they got there? Because they are famous? Probably not. There are PLENTY of famous people who aren’t in shape at all. So that’s not it. We’ve talked before about having the time, money, equipment at home, knowledge, and on and on and on, about the pitfalls to not being in the best shape you can be in. But the only thing holding you back, is you! You make the effort. Jessica Biel doesn’t have someone work out for her, she works out herself. She actually takes the time out of her day, which I am sure involves some sort of acting, to get her workouts in. Same with Ryan Reynolds. I know they have more money than most of us, but what does that matter? Do you need money to work out? Or to take your kids to the park? NO. You just need effort from yourself, and the will to become great! We all have it, it’s just where will you find it in you? There is no stopping you from getting your best body. You are only stopping yourself. Take those limitations off, and start to move. If you are already working out, and not seeing the gains you would have hoped, assess your situation, and figure out the solutions to getting there! There is NO REASON any of us should feel bad about our bodies. Take the right steps, and you will lose that feeling, and gain a wonderful one.