Hello my personal training fans. Just sitting here in Las Vegas, thinking about a few things. What is it with guys in the gym or fitness center? Why must the majority of them pretend to be the most genius people out there when it comes to women’s workout knowledge. One of my clients inspired me to write about this. So, let’s say you are a guy, in the gym, and you see a girl who is getting her exercise on. I’ll tell you right now, don’t go hit on her. But you wanna talk to her. Don’t. Oh snap. You walk up to her, and you say, “Hey, can i show you how to really do that exercise?” I slap my head in disbelief. Seriously? Did you just do that? Come on man. At least wait until she’s done with her workout. She’s in better shape than you, and she knows more than you do most likely. Anyway. Just had to rant. Have a good day kids:)