Las Vegas has a bunch of meatheads in it. Simply put. Personal training, I don’t run into this often, but when I go to the gym, I definitely do. 75% of guys in the gym are there to do one thing. That thing is building muscle. Peoples workouts are based on what’s the best for building size in their pecs, or what will make their six pack show, or how to get bigger arms. And i am not in the minority. I want to have bigger muscles, and I want to look better at the pool. That’s what it’s all about right? Las Vegas is gearing up for pool season, and guess who’s busy trying to pack muscle on to a few smaller frames? ME. That’s who. And to the people who are personal training with me, rest assured, you’ll be happy with the results you get. The people who aren’t, I do have some advice for you. Although you do want to gain muscle, and look good for the pool, don’t count on your bicep curls to get you there. Incorporate exercises that involve your whole body. What’s the point of spending two hours in the gym, and isolating every muscle you can. Let’s work out calves for an hour. What sense does that make? I’m gonna do 15 different types of bicep curls. Really? Why? Why would you do that? What if you did a pushup with a squat thrust? How many more muscles are involved in just that? This is way more efficient than your bodypart split. And since you are activating more than one muscle at a time, you’ll get multiple the benefit. Now, this isn’t the only aspect you need to gain muscle. If you are not getting enough energy in to fuel that muscle growth, your muscles won’t grow. EAT. Eat food. Lots of it. If you are working hard, you have to get extra calories. I still know people who only eat once a day. No matter what your goal is, THAT isn’t gonna help you. Obviously you need some protein to fuel muscle growth, but without carbs and fat, that protein will be useless. So get a good balance, work out using multiple muscle groups, and get some good sleep. Those will help you look great for the pool.