Well, not really ALL of Las Vegas Personal Training, just my take. Seasons greetings ladies and gents. I don’t know why, but I’ve been seeing lots of bellies lately around town. Maybe it’s just that time of the year, or maybe people just are skipping their workout. I don’t know. But I will say this. I see less people doing their exercise in the gym. Maybe they are using my at home workouts, but seeing as how I haven’t sent many out this winter, I think not. So, here is my short little note today. How do you get a six pack, if you don’t work out? Well, for the most part, you can’t. I guess if you starved yourself, there is a slight possibility, but generally, you can’t get all ripped up without muscle. And you can’t really gain muscle, without exercising. So how, can these people, who hibernate during the winter expect to have abs for the summer, when they are doing nothing all winter to help their six pack become visible? It’s not gonna happen folks. You have to put in your fitness in the gym in the cold winter months, and the summer is the time to show off your hard work. I do understand that motivation can lag in the winter time, so only work out 3 days a week. At least you are doing something right? Go play basketball in the warm gym. I know it’s the holidays, but STILL watch your nutrition. If all you eat is candy canes and eggnog, you aren’t going to look so lean in the summer. It’s basically logic kids. Why would you want to try to play catch up in March, instead of putting in a little time the months before that? Ok. It’s time for my workout, so start today. There is no reason to wait.