Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas of the United States, Happy Sunday from your 3rd favorite personal trainer. Just checking in on you guys. While everyone else is out at the pools today here, I am writing a fitness blog, and hosting my parents for a visit because my brother had a baby on Wednesday. Welcome to this world Aries Cress! He’s already got a six pack! Well, maybe not, but he definitely flexes his muscles all the time. Just updating you all on the happenings in the lives of my family. Anyway, we have got to get back on the exercise train. What have you done this week? how have your workouts been? Are you following your nutrition and diet plan? What have you done today to reach your fitness goals? Sometimes we all need this reminder to get ourselves back on track. So, here is your reminder. If you haven’t had a workout this whole week, I’m going to give you one right now. Start small. Get back into the groove. Do 200 jumping jacks, 50 pushups, 50 squat jumps, and 50 mountain climbers. Try to finish this in 10 minutes. It’ll do you wonders, and help you realize you are back in the game. Have a great day.