We all work. Well, most of us anyway. When 5 pm hits, or here in Las Vegas, 4 am for some of you, the first thing you want to do is hang out, and have a drink. You work out, and you eat clean, so what’s one or two drinks matter? To be honest, that depends. What drinks are your one or two drinks? How much do you eat during the day? What do you do for your work out? What’s your zodiac sign? Kidding on the last one, unless astrologists know something I don’t. But let’s break it down for the average woman trying to lose weight. Let’s say you are trying to lose weight, so you have lowered your calories to somewhere around 1600-1800 calories a day. If you are working out and exercising regularly, you shouldn’t be going much lower than this, but that’s another story. Ok. You decide to hit up the Applebees happy hour around the corner, or Drai’s after hours here in Las Vegas. You are only going to have a couple drinks. Let’s say that “couple” turns in to 4. Ok now here’s where we start. What drinks are you having. Applebees has drinks that can contain over 600 calories. That’s one drink. Say you have 2. So, you are restricting your calories to 1800. You have two drinks at 600 calories each, so your total calorie count is 1200 just for the drinks. So already, two thirds of your calories for the day hold no nutritional value to you. How to you expect to lose weight in a healthy matter, when the majority of what you put in your body is not healthy? Most people will say they stick to rum and diet or vodka and sugar free red bull. Ok. Let’s say you have 4 of these. We are still sitting at about 320 calories out of your 1800, which is actually probably higher, because most bartenders are more than generous, and you get more than a single shot serving in your drink. Not nearly as bad, but when we are trying to lose body fat, empty calories are as bad as no calories at all. Just take this into account the next time you decide to hit up your neighborhood Happy Hour. You can unwind, hanging out, and drinking Fiji instead.