Personal Training, has evolved over the years. There is so much going on now with fitness, and so many different options, that who knows where the good trainers are. I look around Las Vegas, for example, and there are tons of personal trainers. In shape, out of shape, old, young, new and veteran. Lots of choices. Then there are these at home “personal trainers”. I’m talking about all these new exercise videos. Complete programs, nutritionally, and fitness wise. Basically takes the work out of everything. They just tell you what to do. I have a problem with this for a few reasons. I’ve watched a couple of the videos, and though they do have some good principles, and some great exercises, some things come to mind when i watch the actual workouts. People tell me, “Oh yeah, it’s kickin my ass”, or “I couldn’t even get through the whole yoga video”. I think that may be a problem. I watched an “abs” video on one of these programs. Now, I have a six pack myself, and I think if i did this whole abs workout, myabs may rip apart. It was 15 minutes, of non stop exercises. Of course you are going to be sore. I could tell you to do 5000 pushups right now, and guess what, you would probably be sore….. REALLY sore. But is that going to progress you, or get you in better shape? Maybe, but probably not. My point of this is, these workouts, just off what I’ve seen, are not designed for the average person trying to lose weight. They aren’t even designed for the average in shape person. They are basically a classic case of overtraining, which, will probably get you in pretty good shape at first, but then overtraining injuries will develop. When you push your muscles too far past their limit, compensations occur, then you start moving in a way that your body is not designed to do, just to finish the exercises. Later, you’ll wonder why your back hurts, or your knees kill. I’m not saying there isn’t something to learn from these workout videos, but I don’t know if they are the healthiest way to go about getting in shape. If these work for you, I am happy for you. But if you think that these videos are just too hard, they probably are. I don’t want to stall anyone from their fitness goals, so if you are already doing this, keep it goin gangsta. But don’t just jump into any of these videos, without seriously taking a look at the progressions of them, and making sure they are safe for your fitness levels.