My Las Vegas Personal Training will have to take a break this week, as I will be out of town. Oh Yeah. Happy August to all you fitness freaks out there! You know what? Happy August to all you who aren’t fitness freaks too! I am really excited for this week, as it is a HUGE one for me. In a few days, I will be off to Los Angeles with that one personal trainer, Emily Bussey, and we will be attending a very, very large fitness convention. It’s called the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Basically what happens at the convention is a lot like school. For 10 hours a day, we are in random classes, seminars and workouts. Now, this doesn’t sound like much fun to the average human being, but for me, it’s heaven. I am a self proclaimed fitness nerd. I’ll admit it, and I’m not ashamed of it. At least it’s not like I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, or Twilight, or Jason Derulo or something. I am obsessed with something that actually matters, and isn’t make believe. Anyway, just wanted to let you know some of the things I will be learning at the conference. Here are the titles of some of the classes/seminars I will be attending. Partner Play: Game On! Introduction to Kettlebell Training for Fitness Professionals Four Top Guns, Four Training Zones-Athletic Training That Brings It! 3-D Matrix Performance Series: Advanced Balance and Jump Training TRX® Corrective Exercise Fitness Podcasting Motion Drivers :: What Turns YOU On? And that isn’t half of my classes. Emily and I will be coming back from this convention with tons of new knowledge and exercises to challenge all of you. Hopefully at the end of this week, I will learn how to record and put on a weekly fitness podcast just talking about the emails I receive with questions regarding working out and fat loss. This is something I have been waiting all year for, so I don’t think it will disappoint. We’ll be back Sunday with some new fitness tips for you all to try!