Hello Las Vegas and it’s surrounding states, countries and continents. Hope you are all well on your way to reaching your personal goals, physically, financially, and spiritually. My personal training goals are starting to unfold, because at first I didn’t know what i wanted them to be. But now i have a plan, and it’s starting to take shape. Just want to give you all a little update on what we have going on in the next few weeks, to help you get your fitness motivation, and your exercise needs met. Right now, for anyone interested in a personal trainer, I am going to be offering some partner training discounts, and also maybe a month long training deal for new clients. If I see this Taco Bell commercial one more time……. Ok sorry. Also, in Feb, we will be starting another 10 week fitness camp, for those of you who have heard how fun it is, now is the time to take advantage of it. Sign up starts now on www.tonycress.com . January 23rd, we will have a booth at the Las Vegas Women’s Fair at South Point Casino. We will be signing people up for Fitness Camp, giving away T-shirts, offering quick fitness assessments, and just socializing talking about health and fitness. Come by and see us. If you are interested in any of the things I just talked about, don’t hesitate to give me an email, or call for questions. Email tony@tonycress.com or call 702-489-7587. Happy New Year, and let me know what I can do to help you succeed.