I want to take the time to say congratulations to Emily Bussey. She’s been a trainer with Tony Cress Personal Training, and heads one of our Fitness Camps, and most recently, decided to push herself to compete in The Jay Cutler Desert Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Show. If you know nothing about that world, let me tell you it takes tremendous dedication during the time training for it. Emily focused for weeks on end, eating only the cleanest meals, and taking her training to another level. This was her first ever competition like this, and when all was said and done, she finished 2nd in her class! This is an amazing accomplishment for a first timer! With a little more practice in the posing, she would have won the whole show. I am very proud of her, and the effort she put into this whole figure competition. I think she has found herself a new goal in life. She was born to compete, and she’s only going to get better! If you’d like to see pics of Emily and the competition, go here.