thanksgiving-foodIt’s your friendly personal trainer again. How are you Las Vegas? And other cities? Didn’t mean to leave anyone out. Anyway, I’m in a foul mood because Duke beat UConn in basketball today, but other than that, Happy Holidays. Thanksgiving was fun. Went over to my brothers house, had some turkey, some green bean casserole, and other things. I also watched an amazing documentary this week. Food Inc. If you haven’t seen it, and you want to be blown away, go ahead and watch it. It will definitely make you think about your diet and nutrition, if nothing else. i have only gotten in two work outs this week, so it made me feel extra fat. Anyway. I wanna talk about this movie. Basically, what it tells you is everything your are eating, is filled with random chemicals, cow pieces, corn, and e. coli. Not necessarily like that, but that’s the premise of it. So mainly, you don’t really know what’s in your diet. I eat mostly organic myself, but it kind of persuades you that way. I totally agree with this concept. Because, as far as your fitness and health, do you REALLY know what you are eating? Obviously all the processed foods, no, you really don’t. Yeah, you know that if you have a candy bar there is fat, carbs, and protein in it, but exactly what else is in there? What is sucralose? What exactly is high fructose corn syrup. The movie actually shows you that corn is an ingredient of BATTERIES! Would you eat a battery? Anyway.. my point is this. If you are doing everything right, you are working out with a personal trainer, you do your workouts on your own, you get enough sleep, etc. You think your nutrition is sound. You don’t eat processed foods. You don’t drink alcohol. What about all the chemicals that are in the food you THINK is healthy? What is that doing to you? Maybe it’s the reason you aren’t seeing results. Maybe it’s the reason you can’t get that last five pounds off.. Or maybe, it’s the reason you’ve gained ten pounds and don’t know why? These are all questions you should be asking yourself. Maybe the reason you gained 10 pounds was because of Thanksgiving, or you binge drink, or you are lazy. Those could also be reasons. But if they aren’t, maybe you should question the treatment of your food, and why it’s treated that way. Watch that documentary, and maybe you’ll have your answers.