What’s up people? Just Heading to bed in chilly Las Vegas, and thought it’d be a great idea to tell you what your not so average personal trainer eats and does for a workout on an average day. I have gotten a few requests about telling you what my diet is like, and also, what I do for my workout. I’m going to say this as a disclaimer. What I eat, and what YOU should be eating are probably two totally different things. The same goes for my workout. This is just what I find works for myself. So, without further ado… So today, on this Sunday, The first thing I started out with was a protein shake, which was basically whey protein, with 8 ounces of soy milk. I also had 2 scoops of a branched chain amino acid supplement, and some zip fizz. I taught TRX Camp, came home and had some vegetarian chicken product, a cup of quinoa, and a banana. I had a red pepper about 30 minutes later, and some powdered greens. A few hours after that, I had another protein shake with soy milk, and an apple. I did my workout, and came back home, had my replacement shake, it’s called “Aftershock”, and some almonds. Then I had a can of tuna and spinach to top it off. Today was a light eating day, because I was pretty inactive. I kind of go by how my stomach feels, and today, that was enough, or just slightly not enough. Now, on to my workout. I am still rehabbing my shoulder, or whatever we would like to call it, but I can’t not work out. So today, I did 3 sets of trap bar deadlifts, One Leg Rows, Inverted Rows, very light incline press, and hammer strength push press. I also did 2 sets of one leg deadlifts, and a bunch of TRX stuff- muscle up preps, sprinter starts, and crossover lunges. Went and did a few flexibility exercises, and called it a day. Both of these are pretty average days for me. Usually I would do a few more or harder pushing movements, but with my shoulder, that’s a no go. I’m not telling you to go and change your workout to this, because, most likely, it’s not going to work for you. This is strictly just informational, and should help with some people’s curiosities. So, take it with a grain of salt, and maybe use a few of these exercises and diet examples to supplement what you already do.