In my travels as a PERSONAL TRAINER, I’ve come across many things that catch my eye, whether it’s something cool, or something that should be left in the privacy of your own home. Right now, I am going to talk about the latter. I was in the LAS VEGAS ATHLETIC CLUB, the other day, and it wasn’t unlike any other day. Dudes were WORKING OUT, girls were doing cardio, and both sexes were socializing. That happens alot at this gym. But the thing i did see that really caught my eye, was not any of these things. i saw multiple guys, in between sets, lifting up their shirts, and looking in the mirror. Seriously? WHAT are they looking at? Ok. If you have abs, you know they are there. Right? If you don’t, they aren’t going to magically appear in between sets. The funnier thing is, it’s not like they just got done doing a set of crunches, or bicycles, or knee raises. They were doing random things like lat pulldown and bench, or, heaven forbid, bicep curls. Ok. I’m going to be honest. I stopped my workout, for the most part, and kinda just watched. So these guys, they don’t just do it one time. They go to their next exercise, and do it again. Can someone help me out with this. What is the point exactly? Is it they want other people to see their development? If that’s the case, just post some pics on myspace or facebook. That kinda fills my need! lol. Anyway, much appreciated if i could get some feedback on this issue.