Living here in Las Vegas, there is plenty to do. I can go see a show, I can go to the mountains, I can gamble, I can be entertained by the college athletics, I can go bowling, I can go to concerts, events, parties and lots more. But the thing I like to do, is work out. Or go to the gym. I haven’t done it in a few weeks though. I have been studying to become a corrective exercise specialist, so its been taking up a lot of my time, but now that that’s over (i killed it), i can move on, and get back to my fitness. I’m not saying I didn’t work out for a few weeks, I did a lot of my at home workouts, and i paid attention to my nutrition. But now, I will have a little bit more time on my hands, and I would love to work on my goals. I am trying to gain a few pounds of muscle here and there, and every minute in the gym counts. It was killing me to not go, but i knew studying, for the moment, was more important. So what i am trying to say, is that although working out and going to the gym is one of my main priorities, sometimes things come up that are bigger priorities. This was the case lately. Now, I’m back in action, ready to take on the weights, learn to salsa, and get fit again:) Ha. Pool season is coming up, and right now, I wouldn’t take off my shirt. Night y’all.