Kettlebell workouts have become really popular in the past few years.  When something becomes popular, many people create their own interpretations of what things are within that dogma.  Within kettlebells, one of the moves that has come under DEconstruction is the kettlebell swing.  Being in and around gyms for years,  and people doing their own version of it, the kettlebell swing has taken on a weird, messy life of its own.  Here are 3 tips to make sure you are getting the most out of thrusting your hips. 
1.  Set Up The Bell With Intention 

Park the bell on the ground.  Hinge at the hips to pick it up.  Most people will bend over.  Before we have the bell,  we want to start moving with the right pattern so once it’s in our hands, it’s easier to remember. 

2.  Think Like A Football Player 

Once you have the bell in your hands, you want to hike it up and began your legs as if a quarterback is behind you for a snap. 

3. Think With Hips, Not Knees 

Most people will watch the move and think it’s this little squatting motion with a front shoulder raise.. This is nowhere near a true statement.  Visually it may look like these things are happening, but they are a byproduct of body mechanics.  The movement is more of a forward/backwards extension and tuck of the hips, with the arms as ONLY handles for the bell.  It’s an explosive tuck of the hips, as if you are getting kicked in the family jewels, and then an explosive THRUST forward with the hips that propel the bell out and up in an arc, with no effort from the upper limbs except to hold onto the kettlebell.  If your shoulders are the body part not allowing you to do more… Stop… Because you’re doing it wrong. 

I Facebook live broadcasted some of these tips, and you can see it here:  how do you SWING?