Ok. Being a personal trainer here in Las Vegas, is kind of tough. Since there is always so much going on here, conventions, parties, sex shows, etc, people always have an excuse to not work out. But last night, someone gave me a crazy one. They said it’s “too cold” to work out. Wait a minute. Last time I checked, fitness centers were not located outside! They said they didn’t want to go out in the cold to go to the gym. For their sake, I wanted to buy them another excuse. That just doesn’t work for me. If you drive to the gym, for one, you are in your car. At most, you are outside for a minute. If you don’t drive, jog, and there’s your warm up exercise. Either way, you aren’t going to freeze to death. I think it comes down to a factor of motivation, and how bad you really want your goals. Now, being me, personal trainer and all, I think I coould handle a minute a day of cold, for a lifetime of fitness. You need to find whatever obstacles they may be, that are holding you back, and jump around them. That’s all for today folks.