Ouch. Lifting Weights being dead is a pretty strong statement. It’s been that and cardio forever to “get in shape” or lose weight. But now, with all these “functional training studios” and performance centers, cycling studios, and everything else, lifting weights has been something you “add on” to the new main foundation of the treadmill or the bike or rower or battle ropes.

Lifting weights is not dead. Lifting weights is probably still the best way to get in the shape you want to get in. What you need to do, is have lifting weights be the foundation of your training program, and then all the other stuff should accompany it. If you aren’t getting strong, you aren’t optimally training. If you aren’t challenging your strength, you aren’t gaining the adaptations to accomplish weight loss, “getting in shape” or any other goal like that.

Lift weights. Train functionally. Do cardio. That should be the order. Sprinkle in whatever else you enjoy!