Have you guys ever seen that show Intervention? It’s about these people who are addicted to this drug, or alcohol, etc, and they agree to be filmed for a documentary in which, they unknowingly, are going to be the subject of an intervention. Brilliant idea I would say. So. I ask you this question. If your significant other, or brother, or mother, or futher… sorry, I was on a role. Or father, or etc, were addicted to crack, would you actively, and assertively try to help them? What if they were an alcoholic? Would you try to help them then? I think I know the answer to these questions. The answer most likely, would be yes. I am now going to ask you another question, which I think will have a different answer. What if that same person were addicted to being lazy? Or they were obese? Would you help them then? Would you go out of your way to hold your own intervention then? I bet the answer is now, no. And for those of you who are saying that’s not true, I am going to bet that you all know at least 5 people who are obese. You might say that it’s different, because it’s not as dangerous. Are you kidding me? Have you ever heard of America’s obesity epidemic? Yeah, it’s kind of big news around here. Laziness can cause obesity. Obesity can cause all sorts of problems. If I said you could stop your friend from having a heart attack with a few simple words, would you say sign me up? I bet you would, yet so many people don’t say a word to that friend they can save, because they don’t want to hurt their feelings. How do you think that person really feels inside anyway? They are unhealthy, may have a horrible self image of themselves, and are on the highway to an early death. I don’t want to offend anyone here myself, but these are the facts. Overweight people do not live very long. We all know this, yet no one does anything about it. You wouldn’t say about your heroin addict friend, “oh, they love heroin, let them do a little bit.” If you would say that, give me your address and I’ll come and smack you in the face. You are welcome Ok, now, why would you say that about your addicted to lazy friend? They are doing the same thing essentially, slowly killing themselves, causing problems for others around them, and ruining the life they have currently. Again, most people don’t say anything because they don’t want to offend the person, but I think we have to hurt a little, to help, or be helped a lot. For those of you that this applies to, I am sorry i may have hurt your feelings, but you may need to hear this. If you don’t have a consistent routine of activity and exercise, healthy eating, and a good self image, you are slowly killing yourself. Just like any crack addict, or heroin junkie, or alcoholic, every day you contribute to your addiction, is another day you live a life less fulfilling. I know that overeating, or eating the bad foods feels good in your mouth, but that is really the only place it feels good. Laying on the couch and watching tv all day is relaxing, but it makes it that much harder to do something when you actually have to. This is going to be hard for some people to hear, but maybe this is the call to action you need. I am here to help, and listen. Email me at tony@tonycress.com