Here in Las Vegas, the weather is cooling off a bit. I think it went from 95 one day, to 75 the next day. The weather has been in the 70’s since that day. Got me to thinking. Pretty soon, it’s not even going to be the 70’s here in Las Vegas. It’ll be 65 on a good day, and on normal days soon, the high will be around 55. That also got me to thinkin. That’s pretty cold. Not cold if you live in Canada, or Alaska, or….. Iowa, but cold, by Las Vegas Standards. And when it gets “cold” here, no one wants to be outside. So to keep up with your fitness goals, if you were playing tennis, or biking or jogging or whatever, out in the nice heat, you have to bring your game indoors. And that means one of a few things. Most people think it means GYM. And with the gym, comes a cost. A cost which some people say, is too much. So I am going to offer a solution for those people. I disagree with that statement here, because a gym membership is $21 a month. And if your health isn’t worth that, I don’t really know what is. But for you sad saps who live in places where memberships run twice that or even $100 a month. Here is my following solution. Ok. most people don’t like the idea of working out at home, but basically, i think it’s one of the best options. You can’t say, “I didn’t have time to get to the gym today.” Technically, you sleep at your gym, so there goes that. You can’t really make excuses. Other people may come up with the “fact” that they don’t have enough weight at their house. Anyone who says that must be blind. Pretty sure you have plenty of weights, in the form of couches, fridges, mattresses, clothes baskets, dressers, milk jugs, tables, bags of flour and sugar, jugs of protein, pots, pans, etc. ever try lifting up the end of your couch? now do it 10 times.. there’s one set tough guy. For those of you who think my alternatives for at home working out are a bit crude, or too “mannish” you can pretty much create your own “mini-gym” with about $100 or less. For your cardio workouts, there is this crazy intense tool you can pick up for some of the best fat burning around.. It’s really high tech and advanced. It’s called a jump rope. Go pick it up at Wal-Mart for six bucks. If you feel that you need some weights, You can go with a couple options. Resistance tubing is great, comes in various intensities, and costs only a few bucks for each band. You can pony up the big bucks and get a couple dumbells, but they do cost about 50 cents a pound if you can find them cheap. Another part of your “gym”- a stability ball. So many different exercises can be done on this thing. You’ll want either a bench or a step, that you can get on craigslist for about 5o bucks, and that’s about all you need. You can get hundreds of exercises out of just the equipment i talked about, and your own bodyweight. If you would like more info on crafting your own gym, you can always email me. I AM a personal trainer. if you think you have it down, and just need some guidance, i have a few at home workout programs you can purchase on the site. Either way, if you think a gym membership isn’t for you, for whatever reason, that doesn’t give you an exepmtion on working out. It only gives you another excuse as to why you aren’t happy with your body.. Thanks peeps.. have a good one.