People talk about the fact that they LOVE to eat. I get that all the time with new clients. One of the big roadblocks is that they LOVE to eat, and it makes them happy, etc. My question is this: Does anybody ever reminisce about eating? I don’t. I mean, i REMEMBER times when I ate stuff, but it’s not like I sit back and enjoy the times passed where I had a really good meal. I may recall times where I’ve had fun with friends where food was involved, but not the focal point. I think it’s an excuse to not care about your nutrition, and to keep it “easy”. When someone says they LOVE food, that’s already putting a barrier up to success. It will be used as a crutch in the forthcoming weeks as to why they can’t reach the goals they set. Fact is, everybody “loves” food. It tastes good, and gives you immediate sensation and gratification. It also gives you delayed degradation. When you overeat foods that you “love”, generally an hour, a day, or a few later, you regret your decision. You know it wasn’t the right choice, but we aren’t disciplined sometimes to make the right choice, and let instant gratification, which is the theme of today’s generation, take control. We aren’t exhibiting patience or discipline whatsoever. I get that some people will tell me that you have to “live a little” (which really means die a little), or cheat from time to time, and I get that. But making it habitual is not healthy, and using it as your crutch to not reach your fitness goals isn’t really you “loving food” or “loving to eat” it’s “hating to have discipline”. Sometimes it’s tough to come to that realization, but once you do, you may start to escape the prison that is instant gratification, and learn to work for rewards that you really will love.