I know you probably aren’t in school any more, but if you are a functioning member of society, you should have homework. If you don’t, you aren’t growing at all. Let’s dig in.

Let’s say that I’m a personal trainer, and you are my client. We go through workouts 2-4 times a week, and you do your strength training, movement work, and conditioning. I give you ideas on what to eat when you go home and throughout the week, and even throw in some workouts on the fly for when you are out of town. Now, do you DO this stuff? Do you come home from your job, and retire from the night, or are you trying to get better, healthier, less fat, stronger, etc? If you are trying to do one or all of those things, you DEFINITELY have homework. The 2-4 workouts at the gym will do you no good at all if you don’t study a bit in your time not at school (training sessions or group workouts).

What do I mean by studying? Preparing food, getting enough rest, doing your foam rolling, NOT drinking beer every Friday and Saturday, and on and on. Think of ANYTHING you do, where you can get better. How much better do you get when the ONLY thing you do is with the instructor versus when you have class, and work outside of class? That’s why homework exists. To develop a skill, you must put in MORE than the minimum. This doesn’t just have to be with working out, but I put it in that context because that’s how you know me. You want to be a better basketball player, piano player, better at Words With Friends? You have to PRACTICE. That practice comes in your “free time” that isn’t really free. You can either use it for good, or you can waste time. People will say “I’ve got kids, I don’t have free time” or “When I get home, all I want to do is veg out”. That’s fine. You just answered the question of if you want to get better or not. Not everyone truly wants to succeed in their so called goals, and that’s only up to them to decide. But if they DO want to succeed, homework is necessary, and a BIG determining factor on if they will or not.