[mindbody-login] You love to bench press. You think since I’m a personal trainer, and I look decent, I do too. Nope. I haven’t bench pressed for sets in a few years actually. That goes the same with heavy squats, and crunches. I just don’t see the point unless you are a power lifter. If your goal is to gain muscle, heavy resistance is part of the equation. It’s not all of it, but it certainly plays a role. Most guys I know want to get bigger, while most women I know want to get smaller. What a dilemma huh? If your goal is to look GREAT, you should be mixing in some of your heavy lifting, with some crazy intense cardio (just had a few of my friends in town for a bachelor party that stayed at my house, and were forced to do intervals on my airdyne, so they know what I’m talking about) and plyometric exercises if these apply to you, as well as some flexibility and stability work. I know so many guys who just lift all out heavy, pushing as much weight in every exercise they do, and they end up looking like, well, meatheads. But not just super muscle bound meatheads, there are fat meatheads too. Just because you lift a buttload of weight, doesn’t mean you are doing the right things to get your body where it should be. They lift all this weight, and then don’t even address the issue of flexibility, not knowing that gaining flexibility will actually help their muscles recover, and LOOK better. And they don’t realize that with enough stability training, it will allow them to handle more weight, on all that heavy crap that they already do. So, in the words of a Dave Chappelle skit, diversify your funds.