If you dislike the thought of sweating it up in the gym, maybe you just aren’t thinking in the right direction.

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do in a day is work out!  You want to know what gets me to doing it?  The end result.  I know if I get my workout in, the results I see from doing each and every one far outweigh the temporary discomfort or boredom I may be feeling in that hour of “misery”.  I think the other thing people do is compartmentalize exercise.  Do you like going on walks?  That’s exercise?  Do you like dancing? That too, is exercise?  Hiking?  Playing Tennis?  Chasing a dog around?  Look for the things you enjoy that are active, and do them a lot!  Maybe a gym setting isn’t for you.  There are plenty of ways to get in your workout that don’t have to involve any “iron” at all, or a treadmill for that matter.

Another thing you could think about is music.  If you love music, sometimes that may be all you need to get through an hour of exercise.  Develop a playlist you LOVE and start your workout.

I hope this helps.  A lot of times, we just need to find OUR exercise plan.  Not one you read in a magazine or one a trainer tells you is good.  What is good for YOU?