Yeah. I said it. I hate doing abs. I’m no different than the next guy. And that’s why I DON’T do them. I know that’s hard to believe. I was just like everyone else when I was younger though, doing sit-ups and crunches between commercial breaks of my favorite tv shows, doing knee raises while brushing my teeth, you know, what everyone does. Wait. You don’t do that? Oh.. Ok. Maybe I was a little weird when I was younger. Well, here. I did used to end every workout with about 10 minutes of six pack work. I bought a book called Complete Book of Abs, and did the workouts in it for a while. And I did have a pretty ripped stomach. But guess what. It wasn’t very fun for me either. So I decided to stop doing it. And now, my abs look better than they used to when I did do “abs”. IMPOSSIBLE, you say? I disagree. I think you can get better abs by not doing crunches. Do me a favor. Stand up, and bend backwards for a second. Now, feel your stomach. Is it tight? You bet it is. This is the opposite of a crunch, so why are your abs flexed? Doesn’t make sense huh? But your muscles are flexed so it’s obviously working. But I thought you had to do crunches to get abs. Man. Now I’m confused. Ok. Here’s where I’m going with this. You can do certain things, things you don’t think play a role in developing a six pack, and they WILL help you get one. Some of these things include diet and the exercises you do in your workout. You aren’t going to get a six pack if you aren’t currently eating foods that serve a purpose nutritionally, so that takes care of number 1. Let’s go to those exercises. Take a pushup for example. Get in pushup position. (I thought I told you this weeks blog would be interactive, no?) Ok. now, in that pushup position, flex your butt cheeks. Now do pushups with your butt flexed. Do you now feel your abs? My point is this. If you focus on perfect form, in every exercise you do, you won’t have to worry about your abs, because they brace everything for all the movements you do. Another example of this is jumping rope. Do it for a couple minutes and see how your abs feel as you are jumping. Point Tony. So if you practice perfect form, your abs should take care of themselves. I have tons of videos on youtube that will give you pointers on this sort of thing, and I also have a 4 week six pack plan on my site that gets you a six pack with exercises that are not called “crunches”. My youtube channel is and my website is Go check them out. Now, all you bench presssin fools who are trying to put on more weight than you can handle, drive your butt and lower back into that bench, and let your abs help you. I think it’s more macho to have a nice six pack than to have a broken back. Night y’all!