I just got done filming like ten Halrem Shake videos, and man, are my abs ripped up right now. Ok. i haven’t filmed any Harlem Shake videos, but they do seem like a ton of fun. What a trend. How crazy are some of those people going in those videos? And it makes me think, that is the ultimate cardio workout for fat loss. You do that a couple times a week, and your metabolism will be spiked like crazy. Think about it. It’s interval training at its finest. You sit there going about your business for a minute or two, then all of a sudden…. BUCK WILD! Heart rate pops up, and here comes your six pack! It’s not that ludicrous, but I hope you guys are getting my point. Workouts do not have to be hateful, disgusting, and puke fests. Do something you like doing, you have fun doing, and that you enjoy. Just make sure it’s intense. Just because you like Zumba, and you go to classes, and go through the motions does not make a good workout. But, if you like Zumba, go to classes, and end up leaving, drenched in sweat, legs shaking, that’s a good workout. That effort is where it’s at peeps. I’ve said what I came to say for today. Do something fun!