I am going to be really short with this post, so I’m sorry. I just got done with my workout, and this has always been something i wonder about in the gym, especially here in Las Vegas. Maybe you go to a fitness center like the one I do from time to time. But here is the thing that gets me. I see all these girls on the cardio machines of course, running or biking or doing their thing on the elliptical. That’s not even the funny part. Some of them have a face full of makeup. With all their cleavage hangin out. Now, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate it sometimes, but being a personal trainer, i always wonder, what are they in the gym for. Then i see guys, all decked out in their head to toe Puma suits, with their hair all done up, and SHADES on! I don’t really see these guys working out all that much, but they do know everyone in the gym. Now, I know what these guys are here for. They want to see people. They don’t necessarily come to get buff. They come to see people, and socialize and pick up the chicks who have faces full of makeup. My question is this. Is that wrong? I wanna say yeah, but I mean, people go to clubs to do that, they aren’t just there to hear the dj, why is the gym any different? well, I’m not gonna pick up on anyone in the gym, but if they want to do it, more power to them Obviously some of these girls are there to get picked up on, or at least they have that persona. seeing as how they go no faster than 3.0 on the treadmill. Anyway.. It’s a little comical to me, but hey, life is different for everyone. Alright. I gotta go train. Have fun, and if you are one of those guys/girl, Go GET EM!