When people come to us at Tony Cress Training Center looking for help, or looking to get in shape, we can certainly join in on the task.  But in this world of magic bullets and 3 Minute Abs (Wait, it’s only THREE minutes now?), there is a glaring oversight.  What most people still don’t recognize is that it will be THEM doing the work.  We can only assist.  So when someone goes to a gym and says “It didn’t really work for me”, there are a couple of things at play.  One, is that it actually didn’t work for them.  The fact that maybe the studio or gym that they were at may have led them down the wrong path with poor instruction or dangerous movement programming.  That, unfortunately happens a lot in this industry.  Another possibility is that the personalities around that program weren’t what the person was looking for.  If you are a shy, kind person, and your gym is filled with douchebags, you probably won’t enjoy it.  Although I could probably go on and on with some of these reasons, I’d like to take a quick look at one internal possibility.

A reason that is often overlooked is that the reason it didn’t work could be within yourself.  You HAVE to show up and do the work.  And you HAVE to do EXTRA if you want to change.  You have to be on your game, not only IN the workouts, but outside of them as well.  Most gyms or fitness centers are not going to be with you on the drive home, or at home, or at your kids sporting events, or at the movies with you, or at the bar when your friends come in town, or at your boyfriends birthday party or at your bff’s wedding weekend…  you get the point.  Your fitness facility could be giving you ALL THE TOOLS, but it’s up to you to use them.  Ask yourself if every day you are doing the right things to reach your goals, or if you are getting further away by making the decisions you do.  We want to be able to answer definitively in the right direction.  Just keep it top of mind, and those answers will be the ones you want.