How many of you are actually totally engaged in your workouts? Not paying attention to music, but focused on what the task of each movement demands of your body?

I ask this because I look at something like the Turkish Get Up, and I know a few people who hate that exercise. I particularly love it, because of all it demands of my body. But if you aren’t paying attention, you won’t be successful with it. I’m not sure everyone WANTS to pay attention when they work out.

Does that last fact inhibit some return on your workout investment? Of course, but maybe that’s not the goal of the workout, to get better movement and feel better. A lot of people are looking for working out to bring them social interaction, and you can’t really have that doing a Turkish Get Up. A lot of people are looking at their watches to see how many calories they burn, and the way the kettlebell is set up, it gets in the way of their smartwatch. Some people are just looking to SAY they worked out, and Turkish Get Ups are challenging!

I’m not saying every workout you should be dialed in, but maybe you should. Remember it’s the hard stuff that reaps the rewards, not making things easier. There is a point where you can overcomplicate the task, but a Turkish Get Up is nowhere near that point.

Appropriately challenge yourself, and pay attention to the execution.