Here we go folks! Tomorrow is upon us. Here’s the schedule of events for the Friends and Family Day on Saturday. If you want to do multiple workouts, be my guest. They are only 15 minutes long, and a lot of it is learning to apply the mode of training, so, stick around and hang out. There will be massages, acupuncture and food too! On Saturday, we will have a few hours of fun, food and fitness. You are welcome to bring any friends you’d like. If you are new, and want to just check out what we do, you are welcome as well! If you’d like to participate, you can. If you’d like to just watch, that’s great too! Food supplied by Great Grubbing and Daily Kitchen Acupuncture and Info from Dr. Angela Steuber Massage and Info from LMT Becca Wheeler Membership Specials throughout the day Tony Cress Personal Training 2550 Windmill Pkwy #110 Las Vegas, NV 89074 Mini Workouts: 10:00am- Rolling Ropes and Kettlebell 10:20am-Rip Training 10:40am-RMT Clubs, ViPR and TRX 11:00am-Rolling Ropes and Kettlebell 11:20am- Rip Training 11:40am- RMT Clubs, ViPR and TRX 12:30pm- CONTEST!!! 40/40 Challenge 1:00pm- Rolling Ropes and Kettlebell 1:20pm- Rip Training 1:40pm- RMT Clubs, ViPR and TRX