We’ve all seen it.  The cool instagram stars doing their push ups with the 360 degree spins in between each one.  The facebook picture of a person doing a handstand, or the guy doing the kettlebell swing flipping the kettlebells mid flight.  We think they are sooooo cool.  We want to be them.  Not so fast.


While it’s great to aspire to something, we must be realistic in our goals.  Now, some of you MAY very well be on your way to lifting a 500 pound tire then doing a backflip inside of it, then burpee-ing your way out.  Good for you.  For the others… there are a few steps you should take before trying to do that 65 inch box jump.  FUN-DA-MENTALS.  Have you heard of those?  Simply put, WALK before you RUN.


Before we reach our goals, we must arrive at certain checkpoints along the journey.  If you aren’t hitting those checkpoints and you think you’ll take a shortcut to the destination, only one thing will happen.  While you MAY reach your goal, what you WILL do is sacrifice safety.  You may develop poor movement patterns that give your body dysfunction and lead to injury.  Nothing wrong with that… except you won’t be able to do your tricks any more.  Take the slower route, and live forever in infamy!