We think of food as the “fuel” for the body. It’s what makes us have the energy to move, lift weights, run, get on a bike, dance, walk your dog instead of watch tv, etc. Eating the right foods allows us to be more of an active human, rather than an inactive, lazy one. I’d like you to also think of food as your oil, your windshield wiper fluid, your antifreeze, and all those other things a car needs. I think we sell food short on what it does for us.

Food is not only fuel, but it makes everything in our body run efficiently or poorly. Certain foods hydrate us. Certain foods lubricate our joints. Certain foods oxygenate us. Certain foods provide vitamins and minerals that make us either run smooth, or sputter with too much exhaust.

Quit selling food short for how it effectively helps our body, or drives us into the ground.